The xenon has 10,000-hour average bulb life and produces less heat then the 2,500-hour average bulb life from the halogen. The "rated life" of a lamp signifies the time at which 50% of the large quanity of these lamps will have burned out. That means that 50% of these lamps will burn out before the "rated life" and 50% will burn out after the "rated life." It does not mean that everyone of these lamps will last atleast that long.

Xenon does not emit harmful UV rays and is considerable safer than halogen due to the less pressure in the bulb vessel. Also handling or dimming the bulb does not affect the bulb life as it does the halogen. If you dim a halogen lamp then you need to operate it at full brightness for 15 minutes once a week to extend the lamp life. Xenon lamps have a Color Temperature that is between ordinary incandescent and halogen. That is, the light is cooler in appearance than incandescent but warmer in appearance than halogen.

Questions and Answers about Xenon Lights

Q.) Can I use a dimmer switch with the Xenon Low Voltage Task Lights?

A.) Yes, both the hard-wired Task Lights and the cord & plug Task Lights can be dimmed but only if they are wired correctly.

Q.) While controlling the Xenon Low Voltage Task Lights with a switch or a dimmer what position should the Hi/Lo/Off switch be in?
          A.) The Hi/Lo/Off switch should be in  either the "Hi" position or the "Lo" position.

Q.)What kind of dimmer switch should I use?
          A.) An ordinary incandescent dimmer can sometimes be used to dim the hard wire Xenon Low Voltage Task Lights. However, on occasion the use of a standard incandescent dimmer may cause an audible humming sound. Also, the range of dimmability may be limited with an incandescent dimmer.

Q.) What should I do if my incandescent dimmer produces an audible humming sound?
          A.) If this happends, the incandescent dimmer should be repalced with a dimmer specifically designed to control a low voltage electronic transformer.

Q.) What might happen if I tried to control an electronic transformer with a dimmer designed for a magnetic transformer?
          A.)In all lifelihood your lights will probably flicker.

Q.) On which side of the transformer is the dimmer installed?
          A.) The dimmer is always installed on the primary side (120-volt side) of the transformer.

Q.) Can I connect several Xenon Low Voltage Task Lights together and control them with one switch.
         A.) Absolutely, Simply connect the "first" xenon task light to household current using standard household Romex wire, then connect the "second" xenon task light to the "first" task light using Romex wire, then connect the "third" xenon task light the the "second" task light using Romex wire, etc.

Q.) Why is xenon gass added into the glass envelope of the lamp?
        A.) The addition of xenon gass into the glass envelope increases the rated life of the lamp. The addition of the xenon gas also creates a light source that has a color temperature that is higher (cooler) than an ordinary incandescent lamp but still lower (warmer) than a halogen lamp.

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